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Aside from education, safety is one of the most important elements that a school or education centre must focus on, and with that comes the issue of hygienic cleaning services. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, this is now more important than ever. The best way to stay safe and to prevent the virus from spreading is by keeping yourself and your premises clean. This is why it is all the more important right now to arrange for regular deep cleans to be carried out before pupils, students and staff return to education.


School Cleaning Services in London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex & Essex


CRN Contract services specialise in School Cleaning Services in London, Kent, Essex and Surrey. We offer cover cleaning provision and time attendance monitoring in addition to working around term dates. We can conduct important floor work to halls and gymnasiums during holidays to minimise disruption to you and your students or pupils. We guarantee that our cleaning services are carried out by our own teams of cleaning operatives, trained by us so that we have full control over the high-quality cleaning standards that we deliver. We can also offer an on-going service agreement that enables our education customers to benefit from secured work dates during the busy school holiday periods.


We can offer the following School Cleaning Services in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex:


• A thorough deep clean of the entire premises from top to bottom
• Sanitising and disinfecting of all areas and surfaces, substrates, fixtures, fittings, furniture, doors, door handles, till points, cashier desks, switches, sockets, handrails, banisters, doors, tables/desks, toilets, staff kitchen and breakout areas, offices, staff rooms, meeting rooms
• Special attention to touch points and high-risk areas
• Vacuuming of all flooring
• Professional clean of hard flooring with rotary/buffer machine
• Mopping of hard flooring with disinfectant product
• Washing all carpets with disinfectant product
• Subject to the individual client’s required scope, our Coronavirus deep cleaning can also involve window cleaning, high level cleaning, pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, wall cleaning and more
• For environments where there has been a suspected Coronavirus case, all materials and PPE will be immediately disposed of on completion of the clean, as per Government guidelines

“We pride ourselves on providing a quick response time and the ability to offer bespoke solutions for any type of pest infestation.”

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