Deep cleaning services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deep Cleaning Services

“Our Coronavirus deep cleaning teams aim to provide a professional germ control service that will get businesses, Schools, Nursery’s and any populated areas back up and running as quickly as possible”


CRN Contract Services provides a full coronavirus deep clean service should your site be required to do so or would like to carry out a precautionary deep clean.


Our Deep Sanitising Cleaning includes Sanitising to all touch points, surfaces, equipment, floors and is tailored to your exact site requirements. We specialise in office deep cleaning services in Kent, London, Essex and Surrey.


Should you need Emergency Coronavirus Cleaning, we can be with you at short notice. We have the expertise in infection prevention cleaning and are fully prepared 24/7 to provide Emergency Deep Cleaning for Hospitals, Medical facilities, Ambulances, Dentists, Schools, Restaurants and Commercial Buildings. Our fully trained team of emergency cleaners utilise are fully versed and trained in the latest products and systems to ensure you receive a full CDC compliant deep clean from such outbreaks as the Covid 19 Coronavirus.


Office Deep Cleaning Services in Kent, London, Essex & Surrey


If you are in need of Emergency Covid-19, Coronavirus Deep Cleaning office Deep Cleaning Services in Kent or anywhere else, then Please Call our office 020 7790 0140 or enquire by email info@crncontractservices.co.uk

Why Choose CRN Contract Services?

Risk assessment – We will firstly perform a risk assessment to determine whether instruments or equipment falls into low-risk or high-risk categories. This is considered important as we need to establish which items require a higher level of decontamination.


Cleaning – Before the decontamination process begins, we will begin by cleaning all surfaces, equipment and instruments. We will ensure all mentioned are free from any visible dirt.


Choosing appropriate disinfectant solutions – By analysing the results of the risk assessment undertaken, we can decide upon which type of disinfectant solution is appropriate to decontaminate certain instruments and equipment. One of our more common choices is Titan Sanitizer (Click here to view the data sheet).


Procedure – When performing any decontamination process, we ensure that all employees are sufficiently protected in order to ensure that that they will not become infected. This also ensures that microorganisms are not spread outside of your facility.

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How Would CRN’s Office Cleaning Services Benefit Your Business?


You may be considering outsourcing your cleaning contract services or office maintenance services. There are a number of potentail benefits to doing this. Firstly a clean working environment is conducive to a higher standard of work. In fact, statistics show that the average employee loses 9 working days per year due to sickness, which can, of course, be attributed to a lack of workplace hygiene; since the outbreak of Coronavirus, this fact has become evermore prevalent.


A clean office is not only appealing to the eye of your employees but also potential clients and business partners; a clean office will demontrate that you are serious about the sevices that you offer and ready to conduct business. So why outsource? There are a number of reasons to outsource, especially to professional cleaning contract service providers such as CRN. Some of the reasons include the guarantee that that a better standard is achievable by professionals, which is of paticular importance when deep cleaning services are in question. Secondly, CRN have the flexibility to work around the needs of their clients. We can arrange a suitable time to attend your workplace – be it after the day’s work has been completed or in the morning before the day commences.

“Our Deep Sanitising Cleaning includes Sanitising to all touch points, surfaces,equipment, floors and is tailored to your exact site requirements.”

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