Fire Door Maintenance

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Fire Door Maintenance

A correctly installed and maintained fire door can be the difference between saving lives and a tragedy.  If your business does not have professional building maintenance or office maintenance in place, it is essential to ensure any fire doors on your premises are regularly maintained to offer the maximum protection should a fire break out. It is also important for you to be aware of your legal obligations and the appropriate action that must be taken.

Five essential facts for maintaining your fire doors

Legal requirements

Fire resisting doors and escape doors must be correctly installed and maintained under Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order.  Failing in this obligation could make you liable to prosecution and risk closing your building.  The Fire Door Inspection Scheme is available to train individuals to become a ‘competent person’ to carry out fire door checks.

Checks every 6 months

Your fire doors should be checked twice a year, at the minimum.  There is a more frequent requirement for newly occupied buildings to be inspected quarterly.  this should be more frequent, ideally at least once a quarter. Doors that are used more frequently should have more regular inspections to ensure they are in good order and fit for purpose. 

Check all associated parts

Fire door inspection covers all aspects of the fire door assembly and the door set such as the signage and smoke seal.  These checks are essential to prevent the spread of fire and to save lives.

Fire door register

It is likely that buildings with multiple fire doors will have inspections carried out at different times. If this is the case, a register would be of use to ensure all records and information on inspections can be located in a central place. Not only will this assist in checking inspection information, but records can also be readily available in the event they are required for litigation or an investigation.

Component compatibility

Fire door repairs must be completed as a matter of urgency and only compatible and fit for purpose components can be used.  Any non-fire rated components will result in the fire door not performing in the way that it was designed. Check the fire certificate data sheet, and failing that, the fire door manufacturer to see whether components to be used would still be valid if used on the door.

CRN Contract Services can check your fire doors during routine building maintenance and office maintenance services to ensure your business conforms to the required legal standards.