Builders Clean Services- Why Are They Beneficial?

Builders Clean Services- Why Are They Beneficial?

The Cleaning procedures of builders cleans are very different to chat of other cleaning services as these services deal with last minute cleaning of dust and dirt particles from each and every corner of the property. In these cases, amounts of dust and waste tends to me considerably greater than in a typical property. As part of our operations as a builders clean service provider, we are responsible for the removal of all dust from the property and it is done in a method to keep all staff are safe as possible and give them a clean environment to work in.

Builders Clean: Phase 1

Removal of Protection
The first phase and most important clean is the builders clean. This clean involves the removal of all protection off all surfaces. Protection is found on the glass on windows, bathrooms, bedroom cupboards and correx on the floors. There is a very fine protection on kitchen cupboards and appliances. These are removed very carefully to make sure we do not have any scratching to any surfaces of the property.

Wash Down of all Surfaces
The next phase after the removal of protection is the washing down of all surfaces with water and a detergent such as Fairy liquid, this includes mirrors in the bathrooms and walls of the shower and all doors. Cupboards are washed down outside and inside in such a way as to stop the dust that has gathered inside it from spreading on to the operatives. Staff are trained to wash with a stroke moving away from themselves with a damp cloth to capture the dust. The cloth is regularly cleaned and washed to stop it from liberally applying dust everywhere else. Once the washing down is complete another dry cloth is used to remove any and all moisture from all surfaces.

Removal of Adhesives
On occasions in the bathrooms, kitchens and windows will have adhesive of one form or another which is excessive or has been liberally used and is on other surfaces than it should be. Our procedure to is to apply a small amount of white spirits to a cloth and to remove it.

The removal of paint is an important and one of the hardest aspects of a builders clean procedure and is always a threat to the site in delaying a builders and is also a one of the worst opportunities to damage surfaces it is on. Our procedure for the removal of paint is to use warm water and soap this is the best way to remove it. Most paints used on construction sites are water soluble.

Plasterboard and Cement
Plasterboard-cement is another major issue on some sites where the builders have not taken due care in the application of this material and it can be found on all sorts of nooks, again our procedure is to use warm water and Fairy liquid to remove it. This is hard work but it will in the end move.

After the above works are completed then the whole of the property is vacuumed. This will capture any dust that may have fallen from other places on the floor that we did not catch in the cleaning process and this will also include the removal of all debris from the unit that cannot be vacuumed.

Wipe Down
There is a final wipe down with a slightly damp cloth on the kitchen and other hard surfaces in the bathroom to try to capture any residual dust particles that may have been raised during the vacuum procedure.

After the vacuum and wipe down the whole property is mopped with water and soap from the furthest point of a room to the door of the room and then each corridor to the exit of the house.

This is the end of the builders clean phase and the property is now ready for the main contractor to snag. The property is now in also a healthy working environment for other trades to enter and conduct their build.