The importance of entrance and reception cleaning

The importance of entrance and reception cleaning

Over the years, many studies have been conducted into the effects of first impressions and in most cases these have found that only 12 seconds are needed for people to form lasting opinions. If your place of business presents poorly you are running the risk of turning away prospective clients, potential new employees and commercial opportunities.

Any opinions formed in regards to your company are generally determined by the presentation of your facilities and the quality of your service. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do as a business owner or office manager to improve your chances of creating a good first impression.

Establish an Enticing Entranceway

The main entrance to your office building should look inviting from the street in order to establish a positive mindset in the individuals and/or groups walking through the front door. If you have any landscaping or potted plants nearby, they should be well looked after and any fallen leaves should be addressed immediately. Entrances should be mould, dirt and mildew free.

Improve Presentation Overall
This relates directly to how clean your premises are and how tidy they seem at first glance. Notice that whilst the effect you should be aiming for is one of aesthetics, you should not forego making sure the office is actually hygienically clean.
Bathroom facilities should be kept in meticulous order at all times and employee workstations and common areas should remain free of clutter. Additionally, all floor surfaces (carpeted or otherwise) should be cleaned on a regular basis.