Roof repair works

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Roof repair works

One of the most important sources of protection from the elements is the roof.  Many businesses neglect to recognise the importance of roof inspections and repairing leaks leading to more expensive repairs being required later.  Roof inspection and maintenance an essential part of your  office building maintenance.

CRN Contract Services can carry out roof inspections, assessing the integrity of your roof both externally and internally. Highlighting any areas of weakness or concern and helping you come to the right decision for you by presenting you with the options available to you and the potential ramifications of each option.

Without regular office maintenance and building maintenance leaks can be extremely damaging to your building and business.  In the short term, items that become water damaged can cost your company money for replacements and disposal.  In the long term the need for costly repairs resulting from leaks affecting the structural integrity results in damage to walls and joists and well as blown bricks, plaster and the need for costly redecoration.

Aside from the immediate visible damage, invisible, longer term damage to the building such as mould can spread quickly through heating or ventilation systems causing spores to potentially affect furnishings, carpets and the health of your staff, clients and visitors to the building.  

Contact CRN Contract Services for office maintenance and building maintenance services and our team of dedicated professionals can give you peace of mind to protect your building over the long term.