Vehicle deep cleaning

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Vehicle deep cleaning

Dirt and grime can very quickly build up in vehicles and commonly touched surfaces such as doors, the steering wheel and the gear stick as these surfaces can be dirtier than expected. Vehicle deep cleaning services and vehicle fogging services can help you to keep your vehicle decontaminated during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

If you do not use vehicle deep cleaning services and are maintaining your vehicle yourself, you can keep everything in good order by following these steps:

Remove all rubbish and check for anything left under the mats and seats. Ensure you reach all the hidden places have been checked by checking under the mats and checking all doors and pockets. After taking out all of the big rubbish, clean all of the remaining debris away with a vacuum.

The most noticeable difference between regular and vehicle deep cleaning services if the difference the detail of the clean your vehicle will receive.  Cleaning the floor and seats will make a big difference to the look and feel of your vehicle.  Use fabric cleaner and stain remover on upholstered surfaces such as seats. For leather interiors, use leather wipes before treating with a leather conditioner to maintain colour and ensure the surface maintains integrity.

If pets are frequent travellers in your vehicle, make sure that pet-safe cleaners are used to take care of any messes and stains they leave behind.  Professional vehicle fogging services will also eliminate any pests brought into your vehicle by your pet.

Dust, dirt and grime can quickly build up on the dashboard and dials of your car.  Keep it well maintained buy regularly writing it with an appropriate cleaning solution or wipes.  

Windows should be kept clean and smear free to ensure a safe journey.  A clean window is especially important for sunny says or night-time driving where smears can leave you dazzled during your drive.  A glass cleaning spray or wipes will not only increase your visibility, but it will also make your care look much more aesthetically pleasing.

For bad smells in in your vehicle you should clean the air vents and change your air conditioning filter.  Follow up with an A/C cleaner to disinfect the vehicle and eliminate bacteria. Alternatively use an air freshener to leave your vehicle with a more inviting smell.  

Vehicle deep cleaning services help to maintain your vehicle in good condition.  This not only makes your journeys more enjoyable, you will also save money on longer term maintenance.  Another benefit is that you can maintain your car in good order so that the vehicle value can be maintained.

Of course, vehicle maintenance can be time consuming so if you have limited time to maintain the value of your vehicle, CRN Contract Services can help with vehicle deep cleaning services and vehicle fogging services to ensure you get the maximum comfort, safety and value from your vehicle.