Cleaning chairs in the office

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Cleaning chairs in the office

Our professional cleaners at CRN Contract Services are experienced in cleaning office chairs, making sure these ‘high use’ objects are properly cleaned to protect staff clients and visitors to your office.  If your business currently uses office Cleaning Services or regularly have commercial office cleaning, you would have already experienced having a high-quality service for your office chairs.  If you maintain your own office seating, these tips are designed to show you the best way to deep cleaning your chairs how to clean according to the materials that they are made from.

Fabric chairs

Before you attempt to clean your fabric chairs, it is important for you to read any accompanying paperwork for labels indicating and advice on how to clean the fabric and what should be used. First, remove dust or debris then spot test any new products in an inconspicuous place.  Using the wrong product can lead to permanent damage to your office chair leading you to have to reupholster or in the worst cases, completely replace the chair. Common symbols to indicate the how to clean fabrics include “W” (water-based products), “S” (solvent products), “X” (professional cleaning only) and “C” (Crypton cleaning).

Mesh chairs

Vacuum any and dust or debris from your chair then take clean your chair with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water.  Allow to dry thoroughly before use.

Plastic chairs

Simply spray with antibacterial cleaning solution and a damp cloth.  Ensure the chemicals used are not too harsh as this could result in damage to the surface of the chair leading to the need for expensive replacements.

Commercial Office Cleaning and Office Cleaning Services provided by CRN Contract Services can ensure that your office chairs are carefully and professionally cleaned and maintained to a high standard giving you the maximum benefit form your office furniture investment.