Save your business money from heat-loss.

office maintenance

Save your business money from heat-loss.

Regular building maintenance and office maintenance can save your money more money than you think.  Businesses waste a lot on money on heat loss, with a large proportion of heat escaping through windows and doors. This number rises if the is insulation is use is insufficient.

CRN Contract Services provide office maintenance and building maintenance that can take care of cost saving maintenance for you.

Insulation issues

Old or damaged insulation can cause your business to lose money.  If your existing business insulation is not sufficient, our professional team can carry out office maintenance and building maintenance to reduce the amount of heat waste lost through building cavities.

Out of the window

Windows can make a big difference to reducing heat loss.  The biggest cause for heat loss are single pane windows.  If there has been poor or irregular maintenance, missing caulk can result in draughts so these should be repaired by installing new caulk where it is required. Window film can also be applied to reduce the amount of heat wastage. Although these will save money in the short term, a better long-term solution would be to invest in double glazing. Gaps around windows and doors can also be remedied with the application of draught excluding tapes and draft brushes.

Mind the gap

Gaps in walls are not only responsible for heat loss, they can also be an entryway for rodents and other pests into your building. A professional building maintenance service can assess the requirements for your building and close holes in walls and apply metal grates over ventilation holes to maintain the air flow to the property while keeping unwanted pests away.